What we do

CAE finds its mission in formation of the new future of the aviation industry by aggregating of data flows from airlines, manufacturers, aircraft owners and other key industry players in an information aggregator that is essentially a single information space. Using the latest developments in the field of digitalization and big data, CAE provides industry participants with previously unavailable solutions and services, based on which it is possible to significantly improve the efficiency of the fleet and improve its safety performance. By aggregating in-service data about a concrete aircraft from all possible sources, users get a comprehensive knowledge of its history, which allows to form recommendations for the optimal operation of the aircraft, using its full potential.

At the same time, due to use of an innovative market model, these solutions are the universal tool, regardless of the type of aircraft operated, affordable, convenient and easy for users.

CAE technologies and the developed role model ensure safety and security of data according to the highest international standards.

The network of CAE’s aviation engineers provides connection of each customer with the minimum spend of its resources, and the Data Science tools allow to achieve completely validated statistics, using the developed algorithms of in-service data cleaning.

The CAE’s creation of an information aggregator that has no analogues in the world, as well as the introduction of the advanced technical and business innovations, will give the civil aviation sector the much-needed incentive to regain the leading positions.